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The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Managing the digital maze: The effect of social media on intellectual health Social media plays a crucial role in the world we live in. Because of that, we can keep in contact with our friends and family, share experiences, and keep up to date with world activities. While social media is convenient and has many benefits, there’s growing proof that overuse may be harmful to our intellectual fitness. To facilitate information on this complicated issue, let’s study the relationship between social media use and mental health. The importance of comparative measurement One of the main issues with social media is that it frequently exposes customers to cautiously crafted and polished images of other people’s lives. Posts of approximately supposedly idealized relationships, distinguished trips, and top-notch achievements are typical on social media structures. This skillfully painted photograph could make humans feel insufficient and prone if they evaluate their lives to those rather unimaginable requirements. Feeling caught in your words and seeing the coolest in different humans’ lives can lead to terrible emotions and alienation. Virtual assaults and cyberstalking With anonymity and distance, humans might also experience greater comfort in undertaking dangerous behaviors, such as online bullying and cyberbullying. Mental health can suffer due to cyber attacks as such, mainly when focused on children. Cyberbullying could have a devastating effect. These activities underscore the pressing need for action, highlighting strict regulations and multiplying awareness. Fear of missing out (FOMO) Social media also fuels FOMO, another psychological sickness or fear of missing out. With a lot of news and information constantly coming in, people who sense they have neglected thrilling things can become overwhelmed and withdrawn. Excessive use of social media may be connected to extended anxiety and reduced existence delight. Pressure to have interaction with others’ supposedly nice lives constantly interferes, mainly with tension and emotions of inadequacy. Promoting intellectual fitness and proper well-being While social media can be a great component of the sector at large, it can additionally be awful for intellectual fitness. Many people and companies have used social media structures to raise awareness of approximately intellectual health problems, sell self-care products, and guide those in need. For instance, mental health groups have created online forums that permit humans to invite questions, share their testimonies, and discover consolation in knowing they may be no longer on their own. Today, social media can be used to promote open communication and put off mental illnesses. Addiction and disappearance Social networking sites use psychological techniques to offer users an attractive and addictive experience. The infinite pull of social media, information, and instantaneous gratification, for the sake of relationships and universal well-being, can frequently create an amazing need to test. Studies have shown that symptoms of addiction, consisting of obsession, incontinence, and withdrawal, are related to immoderate use of social media. Overuse of social media can distract humans from different critical components of their lives and compromise their productivity and intellectual well-being. In conclusion; The effect of social media on intellectual fitness is a multi-faceted and complex issue. Technology brings exceptional opportunities for communication and information sharing; however, there are also a few dangers. Challenges human beings face consist of dependency, cyberbullying, FOMO, and regular publicity of an exceedingly properly-made existence. Users need to set reasonable limits, exercise caution while using social media, and search for assistance when needed.

Managing Your Well-Being in a Fast-Changing World

The Path to Oneness of the Heart: Managing Your Well-Being in a Fast-Changing World In our modern, fast-converting world, achieving internal coherence and improving our usual well-being has become a vital challenge. The ever-growing distractions of labor, lifestyle obligations, and virtual content can leave us feeling crushed and disconnected. In this article, let’s explore the importance of caring for our well-being and dive into realistic approaches that could sustain us on this transformational course. The significance of internal coherence In a society that regularly celebrates busyness and fulfillment, it is obvious to overlook the importance of internal cohesion. However, it is crucial to understand that true well-being is more than just bodily health. Our internal harmony is the harmony of our mental, emotional, and non-secular aspects, giving us an experience of wholeness and achievement. Unity has many benefits for our ordinary well-being. It reduces pressure, improves cognitive attributes, boosts creativity, develops relationships, and promotes resilience. By prioritizing internal harmony, we empower ourselves to face existing challenges with grace and reason. Developing mindfulness and self-attention The first step in pursuit of one’s heart is mindfulness and self-cognizance. Mindfulness is being fully present inside the second, staring at our thoughts and emotions without judgment. Through mindfulness practices, we gain a clear understanding of ourselves and expand our ability to handle existence’s conditions with readability and compassion. There are quite a few methods to obtain mindfulness, including meditation, deep respiration, and body scanning. These practices permit us to step far from the consistent glide of thoughts and distractions. Support for physical health Our physical well-being plays a crucial role in our supportive internal verbal exchange. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep are key elements in improving our physical health. Exercise releases endorphins, reduces pressure, and improves our mood. A healthy weight loss program offers our body the vitamins it needs to function nicely. A desirable night’s sleep can rejuvenate us, permitting us to approach life every day. Achieving emotional well-being Central to our normal sense of oneness is emotional well-being. This includes acknowledging and accepting our feelings, practicing self-compassion, and fostering healthy relationships. When we exercise emotional self-care, we do things that bring us pleasure, specific our emotions in innovative methods, locate assistance when needed, journaling, drawing, dancing, hobbies, or sparking our hobby in these may be manipulated to sell emotional well-being. In addition to sturdy ones with loved ones, developing supportive relationships and engaging in acts of kindness can go a long way toward strengthening our emotional brotherly love. Sacred Space and Ritual Performance Creating sacred spaces and incorporating rituals into our day-to-day lives can convey us into a nation of concord. These spaces may be physical, along with a lovely read or meditation, or they can be created for us through daily rituals. Rituals can encompass a morning observe of gratitude, mindful eating, or just taking a few moments every day to connect to nature. These intentional actions create an experience of balance and grounding, reminding us to put our well-being first within the chaos of the outside world. Conclusion; In a swiftly converting world that frequently pulls us in myriad directions, nurturing our inner harmony and prioritizing our well-being are essential to residing in a complete existence of mind, body, and emotional well-being. and developing sacred spaces and rituals, we embark on a transformative internal concord. As we embark on this adventure, let us consider that it’s an ongoing system, with each step bringing us in the direction of lifestyles of deep pleasure, cause, and well-being.

Impact of Social Media on Relationship Dynamics

The era of social media has changed how different people interact with each other. Social media has made the world a digital village and eliminated distance between people. As such, people can relate with others from different parts of the world with a tap on their screens and get updated on events as they happen. Apart from daily interactions, social media has also changed how people view love and relationships. It has had both positive and negative impacts on many relationships. Here are some of the ways social media has changed up relationship dynamics.  Positive Impact of Social Media on Relationships Makes Long Distance Relationships Easier In a time where sending messages or making calls happens with the tap of a button, long distance relationships are easier to handle. Couples living miles apart get to interact as if they were just next door. It cuts out the uncertainty that would come with waiting for days for letters and makes one feel like their partner can still be a part of their day despite the distance. Widens the Dating Pool For people looking to date, social media makes it easier to date beyond geographical lines. Thanks to social media, couples can meet online and build a relationship before needing to even meet. There have been many successful relationships that have bloomed on different social media platforms that ended up with married couples. Gives One Perception Even though comparison can be detrimental, it helps to have a rubric on which to gauge whatever relationship there is. With so many people talking about what is acceptable or a red flag in relationships, one can figure out whether they are okay or should walk out of a relationship. Knowing that there are options for couples in abusive relationships has also meant that couples know they can walk away when things do not work. It has also helped couples figure out what they can do to grow their current relationship. Negative Impact of Social Media on Relationships Leads To Unrealistic Expectations Even though most people online look happy, the opposite of this is true. Many couples on social media paint a picture of a fairy-tale love story and expecting one’s personal relationship to be similar can lead to discontentment. There have been situations where couples got into debt trying to keep up with the lifestyle they saw online. Miscommunication  As more people embrace phones, there is a tendency to prefer texts to calls or face-to-face conversations. With text messages, nonverbal cues are left to one’s imagination. All this has led to more couple arguments since one can misunderstand what a message really meant. Jealousy and Over Comparison Comparison is the thief of joy and this can be seen in most couples who compare their lives. Seeing other couples doing things or saying stuff can make one believe their partner is not doing enough. Having overly perfect relationships showcased on social media has led to a lot of discontentment in couples which often leads to breakups or unnecessary fights. Is There Space for Social Media in Relationships? Despite there being so many negatives about the harm of social media in relationships, it is clear that one cannot do without it. The only thing couples need to remember when it comes to social media is to take everything with a pinch of salt. Understanding one’s relationship and its dynamics will help a couple grow instead of looking at what everyone is talking about on these platforms. By making social media a tool of communication and not the center of a relationship, couples can still thrive in this era. 

How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Falling in love is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You want to spend as much time as possible with your partner and to be as close as possible. If you happen to fall in love with someone who works or lives far from you, then it can be torture. Even though the feelings are just as strong, it is easy to build up resentment in the long run. Here are some tips that can help you deal with the distance.  Be Intentional Even though this is something to do in all relationships, it is very important to be intentional in a long distance relationship. You need to plan and do everything with intent, as that is the only way to make the relationship work. Ensure that whatever you do for your partner isn’t out of mere obligation but something you want to do. Good intentions will ensure that your relationship can thrive despite the distance. Talk Daily While you might get away with not talking to someone you live in the same area with, that might not work if you are in a long distance relationship. Making time to talk every day will ensure that you two get to know each other, and it will take away the feeling of being far apart. You do not have to have a long conversation or make calls but checking in daily will help. Find a way to include them in your day, as that is something that you will look forward to. Find Ways To Do Things Together Just because you are far apart does not mean you cannot have plans together. It can be watching a movie together via Skype or simply making dinner together via video calls. Whatever you do, ensure you have time that is just for the two of you. That way, there is something in common that puts you two together.   Have a Timeline While you might be okay with taking things slow, it does get to a place where you get too comfortable with virtual relationships that never head anywhere. To avoid this, always have a timeline for when you will meet and stop being in different areas. Having a timeline will help you both manage your expectations, so you do not have to worry about things going too fast or too slow. It also helps you stay intentional at all times. Finding someone to date is an amazing feeling. It does not matter how far away the person is, as long as you are both happy. By implementing these tips, you can have healthy and fulfilling relationships with a happily ever after in the near future.

The Advantages of Positive Thinking for Well-being and Mental Health

The Benefits of Positive Thought for Mental and Emotional Health In a dynamic environment, maintaining an optimistic mindset can enhance our mental fitness and regular well-being. Positive thinking is an effective tactic that moves beyond clichés to alter our viewpoints, foster resilience, and inspire an extra-upbeat outlook on existence. Let’s see some benefits of positive thinking for mental fitness and well-being. Changing viewpoints Thinking entails focusing on the best elements of factors and replacing inferior thoughts with more constructive ones. We can also prevent the vicious loop of terrible questioning that often ends in tension, anxiety, and hopelessness by changing our attitude. Increasing Flexibility We turn out to be more resilient when we think positively, which makes it less demanding to get over barriers and disappointments. For example, let’s take the scenario of a businessperson whose enterprise failed. The businessperson opted for optimism ahead of pessimism and emotions of inadequacy. Seeing the loss as a notable teaching possibility, he regarded what went wrong and observed areas for development. He succeeded and began a brand new business that finally thrived because of his constructive outlook. Controlling Tension Stress that lasts a long time might be horrific for intellectual and bodily health. Positive thinking, however, may make it less complicated for us to address strain. Think about a professional who works hard and has plenty on her plate. He found that including uplifting statements and visualizations in her usual routine reduced her pressure levels. Because she became more worried about her personal development than the daunting chores that awaited her, she could complete her work with a calmer and clearer mind. Practicing Self-Compassion Acquiring self-compassion and staying power is an essential factor in superb thinking methods. It means accepting our flaws and obstacles and substituting self-confirmation for self-criticism. This psychological shift may substantially impact our experience of self and fashionable mental health. Developing Collaborations for Health A constructive mind also improves every person’s mental health and fosters significant and wholesome relationships. We emanate warmth, empathy, and optimism when we technique relationships with suitable attitudes, and others are impacted by this. An environment that is kind and encouraging and promotes well-being and personal development can be produced through this domino effect. In conclusion, it’s far impossible to overestimate the advantages of tremendous thinking for intellectual health and trendy well-being. We can use effective wondering to change our lives by consciously determining to bolster our resilience, manage our strain, develop self-compassion, and create healthy relationships. In the quiet, developing an optimistic outlook gives us the potential to face existence’s barriers with poise, willpower, and steadfast hope. It is a continuous process.

The Most Dangerous Woman that Good Men Should know

I know why you clicked on this blog. You are probably a man in a relationship and would like to know who could be the most dangerous woman, or you are a woman and wish to know who the most dangerous woman is or perhaps what she is all about. Oh well, I won’t keep you waiting, I am eager to talk about her too! If you are a married man or dating, you should be so afraid of this type of women. I am not talking about the kind of woman who will go through your messages, find a text from another woman and slap the hell out of you. I am not talking about the type of woman to whom you will not give money and who will aggressively demand it. I do not mean the kind of woman who will run screaming from the house when she discovers you have an affair with another woman and then make you work too hard to win her back. I am not talking about the type of woman, whom you will come home in the morning, tell you how worried she is about you, and then demand to know where you spent the night and with whom. Sometimes, she may want you to prove it for her to be comfortable. I am not talking about the type of woman, who your mother will accuse of being evil, who cries and asks for forgiveness, and takes all the time to assure you that she is not what your mother is accusing her to be. I am not talking about the type of woman who will find rubber protection in your pockets and stress you about it for a whole month. I am not talking about the type of woman who will get the news that you made another woman pregnant and demand that you sort out your mess, in fact, she even defends you. I am talking about the woman who will get the information that you made another woman pregnant and keep quiet. She will find out that you have a girlfriend that you see often, and she will even find hotel and vacation receipts in your pockets and keep quiet. She will check your phone messages, find flirty messages between you and other women and keep quiet. Your mother accuses her of the most outrageous things, and she keeps quiet. You will spend the night out without informing her about your plans, you come home in the morning, and she keeps quiet. You will never give her money, or gifts on her birthday or on Valentine’s Day, and she keeps quiet. When a woman is quiet about all the crazy things you do, be very careful because when she reacts, God himself will have to intervene. The quiet woman can do the worst things, your world will crush right before your eyes, and you may not even have a chance to ask for help, and if you do, it will probably be too late. Be very careful of the quiet one, she doesn’t keep quiet because she is afraid of you, her silence should be an indication to you that its about to go down. Son of man, run for your life when you can still save it.

What to do if Your Man Does not give you Attention

The beginning of any relationship is always the best when we both feel so strongly about each other. We fall in love, we get comfortable with each other, and we start taking our partner for granted. As a result, our partner stops paying attention to us. In this blog, we talk about what you can do if your man does not give you attention. To be honest, if my man stops paying attention to me, the first thought that gets to my mind is the possibility that he could be seeing someone else, even though that may not always be the case. I have compiled ten points about the things that you can do to hopefully get your man’s attention. Communicate If your man does not give you attention, try to communicate and ask him what he wants. Request a dinner out, and when you are both calm and comfortable, have a conversation with him. Ask him if there is anything you have done or said that makes him ignore you. Let him know that if that is the case, you would like to know exactly what you said or did so that you can apologize. Talk to him in a very friendly manner, and try your best not to appear defensive. If he says that you said something that made him feel bad, and maybe you do not remember, ask him politely to remind you. Do not be afraid to ask him if there is another woman in the picture, it is better to know and figure out way forward than when you do not know. If there is another woman, it may take a while, but eventually you will just know. Find a way to have a candid conversation with your man and create a better relationship for both of you. Therapy There is a chance that your man is not giving you the attention that you deserve because he is going through some personal issues that you cannot get him to talk about. He could be stressed at work, not happy with where he is in life, have an ex-girlfriend who cannot let him go, or have a business deal that didn’t go well. There could be many reasons. Suggest to your man that you should both go for therapy, and if he accepts, involve him in the process of choosing one. You may be surprised that it was never about you, he just needed to deal with his own issues. Check how you Treat Him Sometimes, we may say or do things that hurt our man’s feelings without knowing. Your man might take what you say as a joke too seriously, so it would be better for him to just ignore it. If you notice that your man is not paying attention to you, check on how you treat him and think about how you handle him, especially in public. How do you welcome him when he comes home? Do you compare him with other people, for instance, by saying things like, ‘My best friend’s boyfriend bought her a new car, when are you buying me one?’ Do you say thank you when he buys you a gift, and do you say thank you like you mean it? How often do you ask how he is doing? Men are humans too, and they do appreciate gifts presented to them with love. You expect gifts and special treatment on your birthday, do you do the same for him? Check how you treat your man, if he is not paying attention to you, you could be the problem. Focus on Yourself Your man is not paying attention to you because you have probably neglected yourself. You are not the same girl he fell in love with. You do not make your hair nicely any more, you do not care how you dress, wearing nice cologne is no longer your priority, you stay in your pajamas the whole day, and this is kinder annoying and more discouraging to him. He wants to see you taking care of yourself and looking beautiful for him. Wait, do not get me wrong. I know there is what we call natural beauty, but if you do not even brush your teeth, what do you want him to do? You go grocery shopping with a bonnet on your head, you are embarrassing this guy. He loves you, he does not want to break up with you, but not giving you attention is helping for now. Hopefully, you will realize what you are doing and up your game. He needs the queen he fell in love with, not the neglected version of you. Get a Job Please feel free to try this in real life. Stay at home and never go to work. Ask your man for everything, from food to rent to groceries to pads to school fees, literally everything, for six months and see what happens. In the following six months, get yourself a job, share bills, go out on a romantic dinner and pay part of the bill, let him come home to a delicious dinner that he did not buy, buy him a new phone, buy some gas, and go on a road trip together. Be involved and plan your finances together. What do you think will happen if you depend on your man for everything, as opposed to when you are financially independent? Unless the man makes a lot of money and requests that you stay home and take care of the family, you are going to experience some problems, and one of them is that he stops paying attention to you. I mean, you are too much, and he needs help or a break from you. Remember, he is human too. Go on vacation together Your man may stop giving you attention because he is tired. If he is working as a doctor, lawyer, or construction worker, and in some of those careers where they work all the

11 Things a Man Should Do in a Relationship

In this blog, I feel inspired to discuss the five basic things a man should do in a relationship.  The Couple  Let’s travel back in time to how it was back then. The man is the head of the family, and he still is today. As the head of the family, he is responsible for all the financial aspects of the family. A man goes to work and provides for his family. The woman was supposed to take care of the home and family. As teenagers, girls were taught how to take care of their husbands, from cooking to cleaning the house, buying groceries, and being good wives. Therefore, the girl child was always prepared for marriage as soon as she turned eighteen. Girls got married very early, and marriages were supposed to last forever. So when a man and a woman get together, they already know their roles and what is expected of them. However, things have changed over the years, and the cost of living is extremely high, making it impossible for families to live on one income. Because of the financial implications, the woman has to go out, work, and help support the family. Now this is where we start to think about equality, where both the man and the woman go out to work. So let’s dive deeper into what the man should do in the relationship:  Pay Bills  The man should pay the bills, especially the major ones like rent or mortgage. As the family head, he should always ensure that his wife and children have a decent and secure place to live. When looking for a place to call home, he should allow his wife to choose their home, and he should take care of the rent or mortgage. I am not saying that the woman should go looking for the most expensive house; the house should be within the family budget. The man should also speak, especially if he feels he is being pressured. The smaller bills can be negotiated between the couple, and the lady should take up the smaller bills. But the question you may ask is, ‘What if the lady earns more money than him? Well, that’s a story for another day!  Clean the house  Cleaning a house is not hard but is also not easy, depending on how big the house is and the ages of the children. If the children are younger, it means that there is much more to be done as opposed to when they are older. The man should help out with cleaning the house, especially the high-function areas like the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Manage Garbage  Women do not like to handle garbage and would rather let someone else do it. Any man should understand this and make sure that the garbage is always taken out at the time when it is supposed to be taken out. Depending on the size of the family, the garbage could be heavy, so, as a man, take responsibility and just take the garbage out.  Maintain the cars  The man should maintain the cars; for instance, he should wash the cars, and if he cannot wash the cars, get someone else to wash them. Imagine a man being at home and his wife struggling to wash her car; it does not look nice and is too much work for the woman. Washing a car is an easy task for men because they are stronger and can get it all done in a short period.  Fill her tank weekly  A man should not let his woman drive into the gas station for gas; it should be his responsibility. He can choose a day, for example, a Sunday, and make sure that he fills her tank.  Breakfast on Bed  At least once every week, on the day that your wife is not going to work, surprise her with breakfast in bed. You have lived with your wife for some time, and you know what she likes. Prepare her favorite breakfast and serve it to her. Any woman in her right senses would love the experience of breakfast in bed from the man that she loves.  Take her on a picnic  Take your wife out on a picnic, spend time together, eat, drink, and enjoy spending time together.  Talk Less  Women tend to talk a lot, and a man, for his own peace, should learn to be a good listener.  Sometimes, we do not really need a response, but just a listening ear.  Try to understand her point of view, and let her know that you support her.  Do not argue with your wife; you will hurt her feelings and spoil her day.  Be Present in the Delivery Room  The day your wife is going to deliver your child, make sure you are present from the onset of labor until your child is born.  Every woman needs that kind of support from her man.  Take days off work early enough to make sure that you will be available for your child’s birth.  Drive  When travelling with your wife in your personal car, be kind enough to drive the car unless she offers to drive.  However, most of the time, take the lead and drive the car to your destination.  Take Her Calls  Whenever your wife calls you, make sure you receive her calls.  If she sends a text message, respond as soon as possible.  Make her calls and text messages your number one priority.

Why Marriages Fail: 18 Reasons

Marriage is the union between two people that is expected to last a lifetime. In a Muslim marriage, the man is allowed to marry four women as long as he can take care of all of them equally. The man must get consent from his first wife before he can marry a second wife, and when he is ready for wife number three, he must get consent from his first and second wives. In this blog, we talk about why marriages fail. Financial Issues You can never predict the future. People get married, and then life happens. The husband may lose his job, and the family could struggle financially so much that the wife decides to leave the marriage. We have also seen instances where the man leaves his wife because she does not have any source of income and goes ahead to marry another woman who is financially independent. Issues about money are usually hard on a couple, and for the relationship to actually last, the two will have gotten in love with each other out of pure love. Family Love is supposed to be for two people, and the rest of the family is expected to support them. When a man gets married, his family should support his relationship by accepting and considering his wife as part of the family. And when a woman gets married, her family should make the man feel wanted and accepted as part of the family. What we see happening, however, is that the man’s mother mistreats his wife, calls her names sometimes, tells her to leave, and the man’s siblings do the same. The lady gets frustrated and eventually decides to leave the marriage, not because she does not love her husband, but because she is getting too much pressure from the husband’s family. It becomes even worse when the man attacks his wife because of what his mother or siblings say about her. In the worst-case scenario, the man’s mother could go to the extent of accusing her daughter-in-law of attempting to steal from her, and this causes conflict that eventually breaks the marriage. On the other hand, if the woman’s family does not like her husband, they can make it their mission to make sure the marriage does not last. These people could even scheme to set up her husband with other women, take videos and pictures, and then prove to her that her husband is cheating. The marriage might end if the woman becomes disillusioned by the evidence and loses faith in her husband. Lack of Intimacy Life can get so busy that when couples meet at home, they are both too tired to look at each other. This may continue for a prolonged period of time, which may create distance between the couple and cause them to lose interest in each other. They suddenly start to live like brothers and sisters; one of them gets distructed, and it’s over for both of them. To be honest, intimacy is one of the most important reasons people get married. I mean, besides having children, couples also need to enjoy the fruit that God made possible for married couples. Lack of commitment When people live together for a long time, they become so comfortable with each other that they start taking everything for granted. For marriage to work, the couple must be committed to each other, but if its only the wife who keeps calling to find out how her husband is doing during the day, she is the only one who sends text messages to say simple things like ‘I love you’, she is the only one who asks for a conversation to resolve issues when they have some misunderstanding, then the marriage fails. You can only do so much as a human being, and so, even as a committed wife, you get tired at some point and give up. Falling Out of Love Being in love is a beautiful thing, and it does not happen every day that you meet someone and fall in love. Love is special, and when you meet the one, you just know. When a couple gets married, they are usually at the peak of their union, and they feel like they cannot leave without each other. Then they start growing their family and expanding their careers. The man gets lucky and gets a much better job, earning more than he could ever imagine. He changes and starts mistreating his wife, ignoring her, and embarrassing her in public. When his wife is in conflict with, for instance, his sister, he protects her and looks down on his wife. It will not take too long before the wife falls out of love and decides to walk out of the marriage. We all know that when a woman forgives her man a thousand times and gets tired, it’s definitely over for him. Unfaithfulness Some people just find it difficult to remain faithful to their partners. It does not matter what you do, as a woman, you may even go down on your knees to assure him of your love, but he still cheats. You keep his house clean, prepare his meals, make sure the home is running smoothly, listen to him, and never quarrel. You try everything in your power to make your man feel loved, but he still cheats, unfortunately. I recently watched a video on YouTube about a pastor’s wife who called a counsellor for help from the OWN YouTube channel. When the counsellor knocked on the door, the lady opened, and she started crying. When asked what the problem was, she said that her husband has cheated on her with twenty different women, ten of whom attend their church. Apparently, when she found out that her husband was cheating and asked him, he confirmed that he cheated with twenty women and had a child with one. She moved out but still went to church with her husband and children, like everything was okay,

Ten Signs That a Man Truly Loves You

How to know if a man loves you

In our society today, we witness men treating women badly, for instance, talking down at them and hence leading them to depression; we see men hurting children to get back to their wives; and we see men being physically abusive to their women. Most women stay in these relationships because the man always comes around and tells her how much he loves her until the next incident happens. In this blog, let’s look at the signs that will tell you if a man loves you or not. Your Birthday Honestly, a man who truly loves you will always remember your birthday. When is your birthday? is the question every couple asks each other early in the relationship. A man who loves and cares for you will always regard your birthday as a special one. He will at least make time to take you out for dinner if he cannot take you out on a short trip. He will buy gifts, and the gifts do not have to be necessarily expensive; what we care about is the intention. Even a bouquet of your favorite flowers should be enough. If the resources are not available, the least he can do is spend time with you and cook a simple, special meal at home. Public Holidays On public holidays, most people do not go to work unless they work in the healthcare industry or in hotels or shopping outlets. If your man does not work in any of the sectors I have just mentioned, then he will spend the day with you. Some men have a bad habit of spending all their free time with friends and forgetting about their women. If he really loves you, he will spend the entire day with you, and if he has to go somewhere, he will bring you along. Special Events If there are any special events for his workplace or friends, he will ask for your company. He is proud of your company and is always excited to have you next to him for special events. If your man never invites you to his special events, unless it is clearly specified that no spouse is allowed, he is not all that into you. We may say that even lovers need time alone, which is absolutely correct, but not always. From what I have witnessed over the years, men always bring their spouses to special work-related events. Grocery A man who loves you will always ensure that you are well fed. He will buy groceries and even follow up to check if you have had your meals. If you are not living together, he will never come to see you empty-handed, but instead, he may call in advance to ask if you need anything. When he calls to ask if you need anything, whatever you say, he will purchase it and bring it over to you. Sometimes he may be busy because of work, but whatever he does, he will send you money and ask you to ensure that you buy food. He eats at your house because he provides. Favorites He knows the things that you like. He knows your style in regards to fashion; he knows what kind of shoes you like by looking through your closet; he knows what you like to eat; and he even knows your favorite snack. A man who truly loves you even knows what you like for entertainment; if you like going to the movies, he will buy tickets for both of you to go watch a movie. He loves you, he knows what you like and your favorite things, and he makes an effort to ensure that you get what you deserve. He may just ask you about your favorite car, and when you tell him, he starts saving to surprise you with the car someday. He goes the extra mile for you. Triggers When you are in a relationship, you may end up talking about your triggers in your day-to-day conversations. Your man may also learn with time about what triggers you, what makes you angry, and try his best not to get you triggered. He protects your emotions because he wants you to be okay and happy all the time. Gifts Women are naturally materialistic, and men know that. If he really loves you, he will buy you gifts, and when you are having a child for him, he will give you some special gifts. A man who does not give you gifts at all is doing an injustice to you as a woman. He probably does not care because all women get really excited when they receive gifts. The gifts do not always have to be expensive, but because the intention is there, the woman is happy and feels cared for. Friends and Family A man who loves you will proudly introduce you to his friends and family at some point in their relationship. The day he confesses his love for you, he will take you to his family so they can meet you. If a man takes you to his parents, siblings, and other members of the family, it means he is serious about you. He positively talks about you to his friends and invites them to come and meet you, the love of his life. If you are in a relationship and you do not know his family or his friends six months into the relationship, maybe you better start packing your belongings. Protect You If he loves you for real, he will protect you with everything he has. When you meet and start your relationship, he will introduce you to his friends and family. Some family members could potentially hate you for reasons best known to them. They will tell your man terrible things about you; at this point, your man must never believe what he is told about you unless you tell him yourself. He must always put you before his own family and friends and protect you all

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