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How do you Know a Man is Not Interested in you?

Someone once told me that if you see a man and feel some chemistry, there is a ninety percent chance that he feels the same way about you. I used to believe that, and I did for some time, but not anymore. You may meet a man and naturally feel like he is the one or have the illusion that he is the one, if I may say so, but every time you see him, whenever you talk to him, it always feels like there is something not adding up. In this blog, we talk about how you can tell that a man is not interested in you. Does not Pick your Calls It’s normal to call someone, but they do not pick up the call. I mean, it’s a busy world. He could be at work, maybe in a meeting, driving, or at home taking a shower, or in a noisy place. There are endless reasons. We cannot therefore assume that if a man does not call you, he is not interested in you. However, if you call him and he does not pick up, if he is someone who is interested in you, they will have an automatic response that, as soon as you call and he cannot pick up, you will receive a message saying he will call you back. If you do not receive any message, then he should call you back as soon as he possibly can. I do not take it personally if my man does not pick up my calls, but if it becomes a pattern, like he does not always pick up my calls, never calls back, or calls back after two days, then there is a big problem, he is simply not interested. Never Takes you Out on a Date Normally, a man who is interested in you will go out of his way to take you out on a date. If you refuse, he will persist until you accept to go out with him. He will be patient with you, and even if it takes you six months to accept going out with him, he will wait. You will know he is not interested if he never takes you out with him. He never tells you he Loves You A man who is interested in you will not struggle to express his emotions to you, he will tell you he loves you. He may not say it at the beginning just to make sure you are comfortable and so instead, he may say things like he likes how you smile, he loves how you walk, he loves how you look at him and when he gets more comfortable and confident enough to take action, he will say the magic words, ‘I love you.’ If he is not interested, I love you are words you will wait for until the end of time. Never Complain About Anything you Do You will know a man is not interested if he never questions what you are doing. If you are a student, he will never ask why you spend all your time studying, why you go out with friends, which friends you are going out with, where exactly you are going, or what time you plan to be back. He will never ask you why you are home late. If you do not prepare dinner, he will not ask why, instead, he will walk into the kitchen and prepare his own meal. If your friends come to the house, party, or listen to loud music, they stay until midnight. He does not like it, but he won’t say anything. This guy is looking for a way out, he is not interested, and whatever you do is none of his business. Never Makes Time for You If he loves you, you will become his priority, and he will make every effort to spend quality time with you every week. If he cannot be with you physically, he will call you and send assuring text messages to show that he is there for you. He can never be too busy for you because you are his woman, and he cares. If he does not make any time for you, he does not care, you can as well move on with your life. Avoids you on Valentines Day Valentine’s Day is a special day, it’s the day of love. This is one day that I personally plan for and look forward to. Valentine’s Day is a day that can actually tell you if your man is interested in you or not. If he has two girlfriends, he will spend the day with the one he loves, and the other one will wait to hear his excuses. If he is interested in you, he may just confess his love for you on Valentine’s Day. He talks to you at his convenience A man who is interested in you will keep the conversation going both day and night, he makes it a habit to talk to his woman. If he talks to you or maybe calls once a week, he is not interested. When you call him, he does not pick up the call, but then you receive a message that says, “I’ll call back,” but he never calls back. You call him, but he does not take the call and calls you back two weeks later, like nothing happened, and he does not even talk about it. He is not interested; actions speak louder than words. Never Introduce you to Family and Friends You are dating this guy, but you do not know any of his relatives or friends, We can say, Okay, let’s be patient, let’s give time sometime, but six months later, you do not know his friends or family. You should know that he is not interested. If he is interested, the longest it should take for you to meet his family is six months. Friends you can meet as soon as possible.

Ten Signs That a Man Truly Loves You

How to know if a man loves you

In our society today, we witness men treating women badly, for instance, talking down at them and hence leading them to depression; we see men hurting children to get back to their wives; and we see men being physically abusive to their women. Most women stay in these relationships because the man always comes around and tells her how much he loves her until the next incident happens. In this blog, let’s look at the signs that will tell you if a man loves you or not. Your Birthday Honestly, a man who truly loves you will always remember your birthday. When is your birthday? is the question every couple asks each other early in the relationship. A man who loves and cares for you will always regard your birthday as a special one. He will at least make time to take you out for dinner if he cannot take you out on a short trip. He will buy gifts, and the gifts do not have to be necessarily expensive; what we care about is the intention. Even a bouquet of your favorite flowers should be enough. If the resources are not available, the least he can do is spend time with you and cook a simple, special meal at home. Public Holidays On public holidays, most people do not go to work unless they work in the healthcare industry or in hotels or shopping outlets. If your man does not work in any of the sectors I have just mentioned, then he will spend the day with you. Some men have a bad habit of spending all their free time with friends and forgetting about their women. If he really loves you, he will spend the entire day with you, and if he has to go somewhere, he will bring you along. Special Events If there are any special events for his workplace or friends, he will ask for your company. He is proud of your company and is always excited to have you next to him for special events. If your man never invites you to his special events, unless it is clearly specified that no spouse is allowed, he is not all that into you. We may say that even lovers need time alone, which is absolutely correct, but not always. From what I have witnessed over the years, men always bring their spouses to special work-related events. Grocery A man who loves you will always ensure that you are well fed. He will buy groceries and even follow up to check if you have had your meals. If you are not living together, he will never come to see you empty-handed, but instead, he may call in advance to ask if you need anything. When he calls to ask if you need anything, whatever you say, he will purchase it and bring it over to you. Sometimes he may be busy because of work, but whatever he does, he will send you money and ask you to ensure that you buy food. He eats at your house because he provides. Favorites He knows the things that you like. He knows your style in regards to fashion; he knows what kind of shoes you like by looking through your closet; he knows what you like to eat; and he even knows your favorite snack. A man who truly loves you even knows what you like for entertainment; if you like going to the movies, he will buy tickets for both of you to go watch a movie. He loves you, he knows what you like and your favorite things, and he makes an effort to ensure that you get what you deserve. He may just ask you about your favorite car, and when you tell him, he starts saving to surprise you with the car someday. He goes the extra mile for you. Triggers When you are in a relationship, you may end up talking about your triggers in your day-to-day conversations. Your man may also learn with time about what triggers you, what makes you angry, and try his best not to get you triggered. He protects your emotions because he wants you to be okay and happy all the time. Gifts Women are naturally materialistic, and men know that. If he really loves you, he will buy you gifts, and when you are having a child for him, he will give you some special gifts. A man who does not give you gifts at all is doing an injustice to you as a woman. He probably does not care because all women get really excited when they receive gifts. The gifts do not always have to be expensive, but because the intention is there, the woman is happy and feels cared for. Friends and Family A man who loves you will proudly introduce you to his friends and family at some point in their relationship. The day he confesses his love for you, he will take you to his family so they can meet you. If a man takes you to his parents, siblings, and other members of the family, it means he is serious about you. He positively talks about you to his friends and invites them to come and meet you, the love of his life. If you are in a relationship and you do not know his family or his friends six months into the relationship, maybe you better start packing your belongings. Protect You If he loves you for real, he will protect you with everything he has. When you meet and start your relationship, he will introduce you to his friends and family. Some family members could potentially hate you for reasons best known to them. They will tell your man terrible things about you; at this point, your man must never believe what he is told about you unless you tell him yourself. He must always put you before his own family and friends and protect you all

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