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Unlocking the Secrets of a Perfect First Date: Proven Tips and Clever Strategies

For those looking at getting into a relationship, the first step is normally to go on the first date. For that man to actually invite you out on a date. Nowadays, I am seeing a trend of women asking men to go out on a date, they ask for the man’s hand in marriage, which I find awkward, but I guess it is okay, always go for what works for you. Anyway, the toughest point to get to is earning the privilege to go out on a date, and you want to make a good impression. You know how it is, ‘first impressions last,’ and so we want to make the best of it. In this blog, we talk about the proven tips and strategies that you can use to ensure that your first date is successful or works out as planned. Show up on Time The culture that you grew up in can greatly influence how you manage your time. Where I come from originally, we do not keep time, nobody ever keeps time. If you agree to meet someone somewhere for whatever reason, one of us or both of us would potentially be late. If we were to meet at 5:00pm, there is a high chance that we would both show up one hour later, or I’ll show up one hour later, and the person I am meeting would show up two hours later. It is a habit that everyone has, and it is hard to get out of it. However, not everyone can entertain lateness. It took me a long time to learn to respect other people’s time and show up at the time we agreed to meet. Meeting your potential husband or wife for the first time is a big opportunity that should never be taken for granted. If you show up late on the first date, the other person will assume that you are not reliable and that you are not responsible either. If you are going to meet a woman, women take a lot of time to prepare before they step out of the house. Some women will go to the extent of buying new clothes, shoes, and a handbag just to make that first impression worthwhile. Women will go to the extent of spending money to get their hair and make-up done professionally so they may look presentable to you. Showing up late for someone who has gone through so much can never be taken lightly. Women should also consider that a man would leave everything and make it on time to meet her. Showing up late makes the spirit grow weak. If the man had strong feelings for you, he may just change his mind about the whole dating situation. Show up on time on your first date and always. Understand that people have other things to do, but they choose to meet you, do not take that for granted. Remember that the person you are going to meet may just be your future life partner, make the first impression perfect. Keep Your Phone AwayUsing your phone while on a dinner date for the first time may not be a good first impression, and not many people can accommodate that behavior. Unfortunately, your date may not even tell you that they do not feel comfortable, instead, he or she may keep quiet, and that could be the last time you see them. If you must use your phone, excuse yourself and let your date know that you need to use your phone. Once you are done, apologize for taking a moment to use your phone, even though you had excused yourself. Ensure you either put your phone on silent mode or simply avoid calls or texts during the date. It shows your date that you really wanted to be there, and it helps to give undivided attention. Dress UpIt does help to show your date that you put in effort to look good for him or her. While you do nothave to go overboard and look like you came off a runway, make sure that you look presentable. Depending on where the date is happening, dress appropriately for the occasion. Wearing cocktail outfits for an outdoor date will look tacky and make things seem off, especially if your date has a keen eye for fashion. Pay Attention While on a date, do not be the only one who speaks, be a good listener and give your date time to talk before you respond. Do not listen to answer back, but listen to understand, then respond. When your date is talking, try never to interrupt them or talk while your date is talking, otherwise, you may end up saying what you did not plan to say. Not everyone is patient enough to put up with someone who talks without considering what the other person has to say. Sometimes, you may try hard to pay attention to your date but you still do not get or understand what your date is saying. Be bold enough and ask them to repeat what he or she said in a respectful manner.You ought to pay attention to your date because It will help you figure out what the other person’s intentions are and will come in handy when you want to figure out if you should accept an invitation to another date or not. Do not Set Very High Standards Oh well, it is okay to set standards, but what guidelines are you using for setting your standards. I have seen people, rise from humble beginnings and become great. Let’s use Lupita Nyong’o as an example. In this case, I do not even have to explain who Lupita is because we all know her, the world knows her. When Lupita Nyong’o started her acting career in Kenya, people watched her movies, little shows here and there and she really stood out when she acted in a drama called sugar. She was great and very authentic but

What it Means when a Man Gives you Flowers

When a man gives you flowers

When a woman receives flowers from a man, she feels good, she feels appreciated, and she generally gets excited just by the simple act of receiving flowers from a man. In this blog, we talk about what it actually means when a man sends a woman flowers. Friendship You may have known a man for a long time, and you find yourselves having a very good relationship with each other. You confide in each other, go on vacations together, talk about life issues, and listen to each other. You become each other’s support in life; if you need something or are not sure about anything, he is the first person you call, and he does the same. He calls you first to consult with you before he does anything significant. In this case, he will bring you flowers for the sake of your friendship. Appreciation He will bring you flowers if, for instance, you work together and something major happens, which could potentially land him in trouble. You got involved and saved the day, and therefore, the situation was resolved. He will buy flowers and bring them to you to show his appreciation. If you are always there for him, checking on him and asking if he is okay, if you remember him on his birthday and send him nice birthday wishes and perhaps send him gifts, he will send you flowers to appreciate you. Interest A man could admire you for a very long time but may not have the courage to approach you and make his intentions clear. He wants to date you; he wants to know you better, but he is not really sure how to start the conversation. He will send you flowers to show interest. He is well aware that if you receive flowers from him, you will have an idea of what is up. If you have ever noticed, when a woman receives flowers from a man, she naturally smiles and quietly gets very excited. Love You have been dating for a while, and you have great future plans together. He tells you he loves you every day, but it hits differently when he sends you flowers. Flowers are a symbol of love, and therefore, a man will send you flowers to tell you without using words that he loves you. Dates He will send flowers to ask you out for a date, and he will ensure that he puts a small card in the flower with the words that would sound very good in your ears. It is almost impossible for a man to ask a woman out on a date with flowers, and she declines. Most women will say yes unless they have a valid reason to refuse the kind gesture from a man. Communication Men use flowers to communicate with women. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, so instead of just speaking them out, he sends flowers. If you are in a relationship, you know each other well, so if he sends flowers, you will have an idea of what he is trying to tell you. Apology If you are in a relationship and then you have a disagreement, if he is the one who is wrong or decides to take the blame regardless, he will send you flowers to ask for forgiveness. If, for instance, you were supposed to go out on a date and he did not show up, it would be difficult for him to explain himself, so he uses the flowers to calm the waters before he starts talking. Farewell A man sends a woman flowers to say goodbye. The situations could vary; for example, it could be a breakup and therefore he is saying goodbye forever; he could be going away for further studies to return after a long time; or he may give you flowers to symbolize the good times that you’ve had together.

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